20,000 Scrobbles on Last.fm

delongtj Last.fm 20,000 Scrobbles

I’m a geek.  I like music.  Therefore, I love Last.fm.  If you’re not familiar with the site, it serves a couple of functions.  It is a music discovery service similar to Pandora, but it also keeps track of everything you listen to.  This wouldn’t mean much if it only tracked your activity on the site, but they provide plug-ins to “scrobble” your digital music listens in virtually any setting – desktop media players, mobile apps, and even competing music services like Spotify.  Thanks to this nifty feature, I have been tracking almost all of my music listening activity since October of 2010, and I recently hit the milestone of 20,000 scrobbles (or listens).

This is where it gets geeky.  Last.fm provides some pages to let you pore through the rich data of your listening behavior, including your top artists, top tracks, listening trends, and more.  It is bliss for a numbers nerd like myself, and it’s fun to have hard data for what you actually listen to, not just what you perceive it to be.  It’s fun for me, anyway.

Without further adieu, stats on my first 20,000 Last.fm scrobbles (or the last two and a half years of my life):

  • Began scrobbling on October 29, 2010
  • Average of 22.3 listens per day
  • Top 10 bands (in order)
    1. As I Lay Dying (1,307 plays)
    2. August Burns Red (1,053 plays)
    3. Thrice (968 plays)
    4. Emery (899 plays)
    5. UnderOath (833 plays)
    6. My Epic (645 plays)
    7. Norma Jean (615 Plays)
    8. City and Colour (569 plays)
    9. The Devil Wears Prada (567 plays)
    10. Explosions in the Sky (451 plays)
  • Top 10 songs (in order)
    1. “Anodyne Sea” by As I Lay Dying
    2. “Condemned” by As I Lay Dying
    3. “Parallels” by As I Lay Dying
    4. “Perfector” by My Epic
    5. “The Darkest Nights” by As I Lay Dying
    6. “Nothing Left” by As I Lay Dying
    7. “Dreaming in the Face of Disaster” by Deadhorse
    8. “Without Conclusion” by As I Lay Dying
    9. “Pour” by My Epic
    10. “Exiles” by Deadhorse
  • 20,000th scrobble – “Colorblind” by TwoThirtyeight

I could dig into more specific stats, but I mostly find it interesting how, apparently, I am a metalhead.  I wouldn’t have given myself that label a couple of years ago, but you can’t argue with statistics.  My top two bands are far and away heavy metal with a third (The Devil Wears Prada) rounding out the top ten.  The rest, of course, paints an accurate picture of the kind of music I listen to – nothing too cheery.  I thought other styles may feature more prominently, but it’s likely because they don’t have only a couple of artists which dominate the genre in my library.  If you dig a little deeper beyond the top ten, instrumental and alternative rock make a good showing.  Full charts of my data captured at the momentous occasion can be found here:  overview, artists, songs.

If you’re a music geek like me, be sure to check out Last.fm and its various plugins to keep track of your listening habits.  It’s a great conversation starter and a mostly effortless way to get a good picture of what exactly you listen to.

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