Throwback Thursday – “Sleep Well When You Get There” by Monument Monument

Sleep Well When You Get There by Monument Monument

Hardly anyone has heard of this band, but that’s fine.  I honestly don’t know much about them myself except for this free EP I heard about in August 2008.  I remember it well.  I was staying at my sister’s house, applying for jobs after college and making good use of their high-speed Internet.  I saw a MySpace bulletin (yep) advertising a free download of a six-song EP from an emo outfit in Michigan.  I was skeptical, but I had the time to burn, so I gave it a shot.  I was pleasantly surprised.

Monument Monument creates a mellow mix of keys, melodious guitar parts, falsetto vocals, and tasteful-yet-not-boring percussion.  The lyrics are unabashedly romantic and a bit over-the-top at times, but don’t we all need that occasionally?  The six songs on Sleep Well When You Get There speak almost exclusively to the object of the writer’s affection.  Sometimes he tries to woo her, others he tries to reassure her, and yet others he pines for her, but almost always it is a purely amorous endeavor.  I must admit that, at the time I encountered this album, I had mixed feelings about a female acquaintance of mine.  When I was feeling more optimistic about the direction of our relationship, I would listen to this album, even while acknowledging its unsteady and foolish qualities.

The EP was independently produced and released, which is impressive considering the quality of the recordings.  The sound has a depth that is almost always lacking on small-budget efforts, and the talent the members exhibit makes me wonder why they never did much more.  They even add the touch of choral arrangements on a couple of songs, which gives them a slightly cinematic feel.  From what I can tell, they remained mostly a regional act, fading slowly as the members moved on with their lives, as is the tale of many good bands.  These songs don’t really break any new ground, but they are well done and heartfelt tunes for those not acquainted with the mainstream, even if the music itself is unusually pop-friendly for my tastes.

The end of the story is that the situation confusing my heart during that tumultuous summer shortly resolved itself.  I can’t help but wonder if the music the band wrote was also for a particular season in their lives and the need for such an outlet also waned with time.

Forget the things that we can’t change
And sleep well when you get there, babe

You can find the smooth sounds of Sleep Well When You Get There at where it is still available for a free download.

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