Throwback Thursday – “Tonight the Stars Speak” by The Glorious Unseen

Tonight the Stars Speak by The Glorious Unseen

It was spring of 2007.  I was hanging out at the Frothy Monkey coffee shop, working on some thing or another.  I had seen some chatter on MySpace (yep) about this band called The Glorious Unseen.  I assumed they played heavy music since some of my favorite hardcore bands were the ones touting them.  When I finally visited their page, I was not expecting the wave of ambient worship which washed through my headphones.

As I sat and listened to the three or four songs available for streaming, it instantly grew on me.  Before this, the only types of worship I knew were acapella hymns or upbeat, pop-rock anthems.  But this was different.  It was pensive and honest, not glossing over the realities of life.  While the music was not overly technical, it had incredible depth which bore the weight of the lyrics.  By the time I reached  “Close to Your Heart,” the final track, I knew I would order the album when it was released.

You look down from Heaven
And melt me with Your gaze
Then You down from Heaven
And wrap me in Your wings

And it makes me feel loved again
So close in Your arms
And it makes me feel home again
So close to Your heart

When I finally got the full album in the fall of 2007, it landed squarely in the midst of my fear and uncertainty about the future.  I knew that in less than a year I would be bidding farewell to my favorite phase of life as I finished college.  I let this fact keep me from connecting with anything or anyone at a deep level.  What was the point when it would quickly come to an end?  The songs from Tonight the Stars Speak carried me through that season, the longing and lamenting melodies lifting my prayers from so many late-night walks and coffee shop journaling sessions.  Though many have copied their style over the years, The Glorious Unseen will always have a special place in my heart, particularly the title track from this release.

How long
Til Your voice speaks clearly
How long
Til Your arms envelop me
I cry
Be my strength when I am weak
O Lord
Have mercy on me please

You can find the ambient, vulnerable worship of  Tonight the Stars Speak on Amazon
or Spotify.

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