Throwback Thursday – “…And We Drive” by Side Walk Slam

...And We Drive by Side Walk SlamTh

This is the inaugural post of my own version of Throwback Thursday, or #throwbackthursday, as the kids sometimes call it.  Instead of posting embarrassing photos of myself as a child, I will be revisiting albums that are classic to me.  Anything from my lifetime is fair game, and these posts are as much personal reflection as they are commentary on the music.  So, without further ado, Side Walk Slam’s …And We Drive.

I discovered this album my senior year of high school.  As with many of my finds in that era, I first heard a single on RadioU.  The catchy hooks and fast pace grabbed my ear, as it was a different shade of punk rock compared to some of my other favorites, MxPx and Relient K. I was eager to get my hands on the compact disc, which I did for my 18th birthday.

Side Walk Slam was, by all accounts, one of the most talented and underrated pop-punk bands of the time.  To this day the powerful drumming stands out to me, even if the overall originality of the songs doesn’t.  I’ve since realized there is only so much room for creativity within the genre, but Side Walk Slam executed as well as just about anyone. Looking back, I also realize that the production quality is great for such a small-time band.

As with most music, it was the lyrics which connected with me as much as the actual composition.  Manyof the songs speak of relationships, something the blossoming emo-kid in me loved.  One is about an all-night road trip with friends.  The lead single, “Time Will Pass You By,” spoke to me most of all, however.

My life has seen changes through the years
Times changing, memories fade, it’s all clear

Time will pass you by
Learn to live your life

Old places, these faces, same routine
It’s time to take chances, make history

Time will pass you by
Learn to live your life

(Yes, those are the lyrics to the entire song.  It is pop-punk, after all.)  I loved blaring the youthful anthem as I flew through the spring air in my car, preparing to graduate from high school and jump into a completely different chapter of life.  I even worked it into a “my life” slideshow I made for a digital media class that semester. The way the band and music dropped into my life seemed somewhat divine.

This 12-song, 26-minute album takes me back to the halls of my alma mater, a simpler time when my whole life lay before me and optimism was inescapable.  You can check out the quick, catchy pop-punk tunes on Amazon or Spotify.

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2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – “…And We Drive” by Side Walk Slam

  1. Thank you for this! I was searching for lyrics actually to Carmi Times and ran across this. I’m so glad we could be that anthem for senior year. I have such great memories of bands being that for me and how amazing it was when a band would connect perfect with where my life was. Anyways just wanted to thank you for writing this!

    • David, thanks for reaching out! I had no idea you were in Side Walk Slam back then! I’ve seen you play in Run Kid Run and a couple of solo shows, but I never made the connection. Thanks for all the great music :)

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