Marathon training (and something to tell my grandkids)


It’s dangerous to say you’re thinking about doing something, because then you may actually have to do it.  Where I work, people are really big on goal setting, so this is the time of year we begin to look ahead for what we would like to accomplish next year.  There’s a distinction between goals and resolutions, and I’m honestly not quite into the groove of yearly goal-setting yet.  This is mostly because I can’t decide what I want out of life, and partially because I think we can get caught up in our own plans and ignore God’s leading.

That said, as I look at where I currently stand, and what I would like to look back upon when I’m old, I think 2013 may be the year for me to run a marathon – a full marathon.  I’ve done the half marathon a couple of times, and while it was tough, I did alright.  It just so happens that right now I am young, single, and live in a location perfect for long-distance runs.  I can’t imagine training for a marathon while having a wife and kids, so maybe this is my shot to really push myself.

My reasons for wanting to complete the race are varied and somewhat contrived.  Honestly, if I don’t have a reason to be physically active, I live sedentarily.  Considering that I sit at a desk for eight hours or more per day, this is a bad situation.  So I will at a minimum get back in shape, exercise discipline, and be able to check something off of my list – something to tell my grandkids about along with explaining my tattoos.

I say all that to say that if I want to do it, I need a plan.  I found this cool site that generates a training schedule for you to import to your Google Calendar.  It was dead simple, which I really appreciated compared to entering dozens of items on my calendar.  What I’m not so sure about is the training methodologies.  I’ve never had to run back-to-back days in my prior training, but I suppose this is a very different thing than I’ve done before.  I may post more about the process once I get into it.  Until then, I’m very open to training schedules that don’t include back-to-back run days.

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