2010 – The Year in Review

As the year winds down, I thought I should take some time to look back, remember, and evaluate, as I am wont to do. Twenty-ten was an interesting year in some ways, and also very unique as my second full year of official adulthood. There was the background of the steady and unchanging (as I wrote about in a post awhile ago) which hummed along even as things like a new car and my third move in as many years gave the distinct flavor of change. So without further ado… a synopsis of 2010.

  • A dark and dismal January, complete with Nashville bilzzards
  • Getting my first smart phone, which took my geekiness to new heights
  • Perfectly-timed trip to Savannah, GA with friends in the spring
  • Officially entering my mid-twenties. Bleh.
  • Trying (and pretty much failing at) container gardening
  • Buying a new-to-me Jetta and putting Hans out to pasture. (I miss my stick shift)
  • Another good half marathon and p.r.
  • The madness of Nashville floods and subsequent water shortage
  • Beautiful new niece, Everleigh, on the Belville side.
  • Fun, kid-filled trip to Myrtle Beach with the fam in June
  • My parents buying a condo in Antioch/LaVergne and my moving there (my third move in as many years)
  • Some incredible albums and musical finds:
  • Really only a couple good shows I went to
  • And played exactly 0 shows
  • Continued workin’ hard for Dave
  • Another year of trying to advance the Kingdom at Ethos
  • Cute new nephew, Joah, on the Irvine side (and seeing God take care of him and the family amazingly)
  • I read some books, but nothing life-changing, apparently, since I can scarce remember the titles of any of them
  • And a lovely half-Hispanic girl was there with me for most of it. (Couldn’t leave that out altogether, could I?)

So… that’s the year. Guess we’ll see what 2011 brings. Probably more change.

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