2009 – The Year In Review

As is my custom with a trip around the sun coming to an end, I feel compelled to sit and review exactly what it is that has happened in my life in the past year. I just read an old post from the end of last year on my Xanga, and I’m really not sure I could be in any different of a place now than I was (at least emerging from) last December. On the mend from a very rough few months in the latter half of 2008, I had almost nowhere to go but up, and up is precisely where things seem to have gone this year.

Of course, it was not perfect by any means, but the contentment I have found in my work at Lampo and my family of faith at Ethos have become the core of a great existence. To be a part of two counter-cultural missions is precisely what I find fulfilling in my life; what better way to spend days than combating the dark enslavement of debt that large corporations have been willing to hand to Americans or trying one’s best to show the love of Christ to a city in the face of an enemy who says life has no meaning? I am incredibly thankful for where God has put me, but I hope to be open to wherever he wants to use me in the coming year.

Taking a closer look at some of the finer details of 2009, the following highlights spring forth in memory:

  • The social flurry of the early months including Cabana, contra dancing, the “Den of Thieves” writing club, and art crawls
  • A beautiful new niece, Trevi
  • The worst Hilltops and Coffeeshops show ever in Columbia (but fun with Joe and Kyle)
  • Big projects at work including server migration, Mapster (a Flex-based mapping application), Town Hall for Hope, and the all new DaveRamsey.com
  • Setting up this blog
  • Training for and completing my first half marathon
  • Moving from an apartment to a duplex (and one step closer to a house)
  • Hanging out with different groups of friends for the summer, which involved some Wing Nights at Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Getting plugged into the setup team at Ethos and loving being able to serve in that capacity
  • Trip to North Carolina to visit great friends
  • Buying a scooter which I have yet to utilize…
  • Writing and recording some of the best songs we’ve ever written for Hilltops (“Black Box” and “Unsaid” come to mind)
  • Seeing August Burns Red, Emery, and UnderOath live in the fall
  • Pushing myself out of my comfort zone for serving others
  • Chipotle’s arrival in Nashville. (Yes it makes the list)
  • Going über dork with some projects, including setting up a server at my house
  • The following great albums being released: “Constellations” by August Burns Red, “With Roots Above and Branches Below” by The Devil Wears Prada, “In Shallow Seas We Sail” by Emery, and “Beggars” by Thrice
  • Reading some interesting books: Changes that Heal by Dr. Henry Cloud, Love and Living by Thomas Merton, Your Love Path by Joe Beam, Pensees by Blaise Pascal, and Searching for God Knows What by Donald Miller. There were others, but those are the ones that stick out
  • Learning through (or in spite of) mistakes

That is what I see as I look back, and although we have a tendency to idealize and romanticize the past, what a beautiful year it was. I hope and pray that you all will grow and prosper in the coming year as never before. Welcome, 2010.

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